Scott Andrew Mlodzinski

Songwriting, Song Production, Recording & Mixing services

Scott Andrew Mlodzinski, also known by his stage name, Scott Andrew, is an american born songwriter, producer, and musician based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has written, arranged, and produced songs with many different artists throughout his career, developing an americana influenced, yet contemporary sound. Spending time living and traveling throughout the country, Scott has cultured himself in various styles and genres of music, and he draws influence from each within his work. Some of his many influences include Ray Lamontagne, The Wood Brothers, Otis Redding, Dan Auerbach, Mississippi John Hurt, Tbone Burnett, Tom Waits, Jack White, Bob Dylan, and Carole King. 


Aside from his own work, Scott spends a lot of his time in the studio, engineering and producing projects for other artists. He began working as a studio engineer several years back while living in Boston, MA, where he had the opportunity to work amongst many talented artists, including greats like Santana and Yo-Yo Ma. Since then, he's been continuing his work in the studio, both as a writer and engineer, catching the ears of many, while gaining recognition amongst his peers. 


Photographer: Erin Dinsmore